Above: In forefront is the stadium of F.C. Red Star and in the background stadium of F.C. Partisan Belgrade. 
Above: This image of F.C. Red Star stadium was taken in the spring of 1991, right after Red Star eliminated Bayern Munich in the semi-finals of European Champions Cup.  Celebrations went too far as even the soccer field was stormed by fans, prompting UEFA to financially punish the club.  Red Star would go on to defeat French F.C. Marseilles in the finals, thus becoming the first Yugoslav team to win European Championship. 
Above: The main Post Office in Belgrade. 
Above: Another Post Office building in Zemun. Zemun is a municipality of Belgrade, across the Sava River. Until 1918 Zemun and Belgrade were separate cities, as Zemun was under Austro-Hungarian control. But after the liberation, Zemun merged with Belgrade. 
Above: Two different apartment buildings. 
Above: Just an image of Belgrade at night. 
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