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Left: Princess Ljubica's Residence.
Right: Prince Milos' residence. 
Above: An image of the first modern shopping mall built in Belgrade. 
Above: Sports Center 25th May, on the Danube. In the distance New Belgrade can be seen. 
Above:  A view of New Belgrade from Kalemegdan Fortress.  New Belgrade was built after the Second World War by the Communist regime. It is probably the ugliest part of Belgrade, with typical Communist architecture, exemplified in the soulless concrete buildings. It is here that the notorious neighborhood known among Belgraders as Korea is located. However, New Belgrade does have its advantages. There are a lot of parks, space for children to play and it is not overcrowded as other parts of the city. 
Above: To the left is Sava Center and to the right Intercontinental Hotel.  In the background are apartment buildings. 
Above: Palace of Federation located also in New Belgrade. 
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