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Central Serbia is not really the most accurate term to describe geographical region depicted in this section of the Photo-Tour.  In any case, Central Serbia in these pages means Serbia without its two provinces of Vojvodina and Kosovo and its capital city Belgrade.  Central Serbia, as defined here, includes diverse regions as the Serbian heartland Sumadija with its main city Kragujevac, city of Nis in South-Eastern Serbia, ancient town of Smederevo just East of Belgrade along the Danube, Ski Resort in South Serbia Kopaonik, Tara region in South West and so on. (Please note: various regions are not presented in this order)

Smederevo is a charming town located on the South bank of Danube, East of Belgrade. Smederevo was the last Serbian stronghold to fall to invading Turkish Armies.  Its 15th Century fortress walls which stopped Turks nearly 500 years ago, still stand on Danube. 
Left:  A Church.
Right:  A building in Smederevo.

Left:  Smederevo's Port.
Right:  Smederevo's Fortress was built by Despot Djura Brankovic in 1430. Although parts of it have been destroyed, much of the fortress has been preserved to this day.

Uzice is a town in South-Western Serbia, that numbers 82 723 souls.  The town is perhaps best known for the short-lived Republic Communist Guerillas established in Uzice during World War Two.  Nazi occupiers quickly crushed it with brutal force once Wehrmacht forces re-organized and re-grouped.

Above: The only beach in town on the banks of River Djetinja.

Left:  Monument to fallen Communist Guerillas that briefly (and foolishly) liberated Uzice.
Right:  A Church.

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