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Above:  Raca Monastery is situated at the base of  Mountain Tara.  Raca was built at some point during the reign of  King Dragutin. (1276 - 1316) Monastery played an important role for local Serbs throughout centuries, as it copied and produced many books during the Ottoman occupation.

Above:  Mileseva Monastery, also in Tara region, was built by King Vladislav in 1234.

Left:  Mountain Zlatibor, is also in proximity of Uzice and Mountain Tara.  This picture beautifully depicts Serbian rural pastoral life.
Right:  View from Zlatibor.

Nis,  the third largest city in Serbia, with population numbering between 300 000 - 350 000,  is located in South-Eastern Serbia

Above: Crest of the city.

Above:  Front entrance into the Skull Tower, in Nis. During the First Serbian Uprising in early 19th Century, Nis was liberated for several years and army of the Ottoman Empire expelled.  However, once Turks returned in full force, unseen atrocities were comitted to teach Orthodox Serbs a lesson.  Dramatic example of Turkish barbarity is the tower they erected out of  rebels' skulls, creating an eternal monument for Serbs, by which to remember days of the Islamic occupation.

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