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Studenica Monastery is located South of Kragujevac. The Monastery was built in the last decade of the 12th Century by Serbian Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja, founder of the powerful Nemanjic dynasty that produced brilliant statesmen such as St. Sava who established Serbian Orthodox Church and Czar Dusan, under whom Serbian Empire reached its peak.  King Milutin in 1314 completed the task his great-grandfather begun, building the last Church in the Monastery complex.  St. Sava said of the Studenica Monastery "God bless! This holy monastery of ours, as you know, was like a deserted hunting ground of wild beasts. When our lord and autocrat Stefan Nemanja, who ruled all Serbian lands, came to this place to hunt, it pleased him to build, here in this deserted spot, this monastery for the peaceful life and furthering of the monastic community."

Above:  Portrait of Serbian Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja, whose reign extended from 1168 to 1196.  Portrait is still preserved in the Church of Virgin Mary, Studenica Monastery, where the Grand Prince rests in peace.

Above:  Various images of the Studenica Monastery.