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Greatness of the Patriarchate of Pec is not only in its exterior appearance but also in its interior.

Above: Inside the Monastery, 14th Century.

Left: Tomb of Archbishop Danilo II, Pec, 14th c.
Right: Angel, detail from The Ascension, Church of the Apostles, Pec, 13th c. 
Left: Lower section of arch: The Last Supper, Pec, 1335
Lunette: The Twelve Apostles, Pec, 1335
Spandrels: Two of the authors of the Synoptic Gospels, Pec, 1335
Right: Icon of St. Cosmas and Damien, Pec Monastery Treasury, 1673/74 (outer panels representing scenes from the lives of these saints).

Left: Inside the The Holy Apostles Church, 13th c.
Right: Inside The Church of the Virgin Mary Hodegetria, 14th c.

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