Republic of Srpska: (1)(2)(3)
Bellow: Frequently used emblem of Serbs' Republic.
Bosnia and Hercegovina declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1992.  Serbs from Bosnia, not wanting to live as a minority in the Muslim dominated country, carved out  territories of Bosnia where they were a majority and called it Republic of Serbs (Republika Srpska). In the Dayton Accords of 1995, Republic of Srpska was recognized by the international community and since has formed a confederation with Muslim-Croat Federation- together forming Bosnia.

Banja Luka is the capital city of the Republic of Srpska, which includes 49% of Bosnia.   Population of Banja Luka is 300 000, making it the second largest city in Bosnia and Hercegovina after Sarajevo, and the largest in Republic of Srpska.

Above:  The main street in the town, Gospodska.

Above:  The most significant Serbian Orthodox Church in Banja Luka.

Left:  Mlin.
Right:  University building.

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