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Vojvodina, the autonomous province of Serbia, is situated in the North end of the country.  Vojvodina's population numbers two million and its surface area is 21.506 km.  It is the most prosperous part of Serbia, as it is situated where the Panon Sea use to be, hence, its landscape is flat and land bountiful.  The Serbian province is also rich with numerous cultures- Serbs comprising only 65% of the total population, the remaining 35% being composed of  Hungarian, Slovakian, Russini, Romanian and Croatian minorities.

Novi Sad, the capital city of Vojvodina and the second largest city in Serbia, has a population of around 350 000.  With a high concentration of universities, churches and libraries Novi Sad together with Belgrade serves the role of cultural centers of the country.  Novi Sad is probably the most beautiful Serbian city.

Above:  Crest of Novi Sad.

Left & Right:  City Hall of Novi Sad.

Left & Right:  A Church in Novi Sad.

Left:  Vladika's Palace.  In the hierarchy of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Vladika is equivalent to the Archbishop in the Catholic Church.
Right:  Main Post building.

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