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Above:  National Archives of Vojvodina.

Above:  Just an apartment building in Novi Sad.

Above:  A rare image with all three bridges in Novi Sad. All three have been destroyed by NATO. So far, (2001) one bridge with only two lanes was built. It is rather a pathetic piece of structure as it closes down whenever a train passes and every 30 minutes so that the buses and trucks may go through.  The second and real bridge was built in September of 2000, the so called "Rainbow Bridge". However, the traffic is too heavy for one and half bridges, so a third passage over the Danube is expected to be erected soon.

Above:  View of Novi Sad from across the Danube.

Above: Petrovoradin Fortress is situated on the other side of the Danube.

Above:  The same fortress from air.  To the right, in the river, remnants of a bridge can be seen.

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