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Fruska Gora is the only part of Vojvodina that contains hills.  Fruska Gora is also filled with Serbian monasteries, dating from the period when Serbs moved into Habsburg lands fleeing from Ottoman persecution.  Foundations to most of the  monasteries were laid in the 16th and 17th Centuries, however, new elements were built and old renovated as the time passed.

Above:  This monastery dates back to 17th Century.

Left:  Kuvezdin Monastery in Fruska Gora, 16th Century.
Right:  Mala Remeta Monastery, also 16th Century.

Left:  Ravanica Monastery.
Right:  Petkovica Monastery. Both were built in 16th Centuries.

Above:  Sisatovac Monastery in Fruska Gora, erected in early 16th Century.

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